ANOTHER ONE...Purchase #49 by Easy Buyer's Agent. Asking: $250,000, Purchase: $240,000. This is a renovated 3 bedder sitting on 710+ sqm zoned R15/25 with potential subdivision. Vacancy rate: 0.5% with minimum rental income of $300/week making it 6.5% gross yield. Read on.


Our client is a repeat investor of ours. He is looking to add more into his portfolio.


We were about to put an offer on this property several months ago and unfortunately the seller decided to pull it off the market. Now that they have done some cosmetic work on it, they put it back on the market. I suppose it's our Buyer's lucky day because the Seller has experienced 2 failed offers along the way and was getting a bit more motivated to sell.

The property is sitting on a 710+sqm land zoned R15/25. With large shed, new carpets, fresh paint and timber flooring, this ready-to-move in property has a lot of potential. There was a 2x1 literally next door sold 2 months ago for $270,000 and here we are purchasing this 3x1 for $240,000.

Suburb vacancy rate is sitting at 0.5%, and this property can easily rent for at least $300/week, making it 6.5%+ gross yield.


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