Blue Chip Owner Occupier City Views

ANOTHER ONE BABY...Purchase #65 by Easy Buyer's Agent. This purchase is for our blue-chip owner occupier. Price: $3.3m. This 3-storey property is located in about 5km from Perth CBD with city views from within, sitting on 1000sqm+ land. Read on.

Our client is looking to buy owner-occupier property in specific blue chip suburbs.

Finding property for owner occupier is always interesting. Emotion plays a lot into it. However, at the same time, being a blue chip client, our Buyer is also very financially savvy. To put it bluntly, no one will be able to get to where they are without being financially savvy.

Therefore, overpaying is out of the equation. It's a catch-22 per-se in the sense that, our Buyer has the means to afford any property they want, and yet at the same time, they do not want to be able to afford anything everything just because they can. Investment sense needs to also be applied.

We helped them with the detailed research: from the suburb profile, sales data, calling local councils and relevant bodies, etc. We wanted to ensure that every property we presented to them was indeed good and ticked all their boxes.

Finally, we saw this property located in less than 5km from Perth CBD. We checked land price and potential "replacement" build price, and we knew this property was a good deal. Competing with other 5 offers, we must pick a number that still "made sense" from investment point-of-view, but at the same time giving us the edge to get an audience with the seller. Long story short, our buyer got the property.


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