Blue Chip Owner Occupier with Feng Shui Criteria

ANOTHER ONE...Purchase #71 by Easy Buyer's Agent. This purchase was for our repeat owner occupier client. Purchase: $802,000. Our client has been rent-vesting, and has now finally found an owner-occupier property that ticked all their boxes. Read on.

This was our second purchase for our owner occupier client. They have decided to rent out their first purchase and went onto renting afterward. Finally, they found a matching property that ticked all their boxes.

Finding property for an owner occupier is always interesting. Every one of our owner occupier clients had a different set of requirements. And same can be said about this particular client of ours. Call it superstitious, but they strictly followed certain set of rules when it came to buying a house: from positioning of the block, proximity to water (river, ocean), the position of the kitchen, etc. Therefore, as you can imagine, there were straight away, very limited suburb selections within Perth Metro.

Finally, they found this matching property that ticked all their boxes. We have been engaged to assist with the negotiation and approach to purchasing the property. With multiple offers on the table, our buyer came out the winner. This property was positioned 6km from Perth CBD sitting on a 500sqm land.


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