Blue-Chip Owner Occupier Land Build

SUCCESSFUL AUCTION...we are so pleased to announce that for this #56th purchase, our owner-occupier client has been successful with the auction of a land to build their dream home. Auction won at $686,500. Read on.

Our client came to us for assistance with negotiation and property buying process. They were happy to source the property themselves. They were looking for both established property or a land where they can build their dream home.

Our client needed a professional guide on the market especially around prices and how much the properties they were looking at, worth. While they really wanted to buy, the last thing they wanted was to buy a way overpriced property. This was where we as a Buyer's Agent could be very valuable.

As an "outsider", we could be very objective throughout with no emotion attached. And because of our knowledge of the market, we could give our honest opinion, as well as a complete set of market data that would help our client making the final purchase decision. 

Yes, throughout our engagement journey, our client has lost few offers at some properties they were interested in. They were not emotional about them because they were fully informed of the market condition through the detailed data we presented. They did not want to over-capitalise and compete head-to-head against buyers who would just pay anything for everything.

Finally, there was this land that they were interested in. It was under auction sale. We regrouped and discussed how to best approach the purchase. Long story short, our client won it against two other bidders.


Have you ever been disappointed with the property buying process? We have heard so many times: "If only we knew we only lost by $5k, we would have paid $10k more". After looking at so many properties, driving around, only to be let down by the fact that you lost the offer because you were not given 2nd chance by the seller/agent. Or maybe you thought you had it good only to realise that you have way overpaid because you were too emotionally attached to it?

Well, this is where we can help you. Don't let the stress of property buying process gets the better of you. We provide end-to-end property buying service as well as negotiation-only. Anything property buying in WA market, you know who to call. Until the next purchase. Peace.