Blue Chip Owner Occupier with Potential Massive Equity Gain

OOOPSS I DID IT AGAIN...Purchase #40 by Easy Buyer's Agent. Purchase price $688,000 in an upper suburb for our owner-occupier client. Boasting more than 700sqm in size which land price currently shows around $1200/sqm, it is indeed a rare find and a massive potential equity gain for our buyer. Read on.



Our buyer is a couple starting a family. They have experienced first hand what it's like to try to buy in the rising market. The competition, the multi-offers, the dealing with the selling agents, etc....and try to repeat that week after week after week while keep losing to other buyers. It can get very tiring.



Finding a property for an owner-occupier is not an easy feat. Since it will be a home for them to live in, it will be (and should be) an emotional decision. Our client has specific requirements when it comes to property purchase: suburb selection, distance to school, distance from main roads, etc all need to be considered.

When we spotted this property, a double-story that needs TLC placed on a 700+sqm of land in a quiet upper suburb that is closed to a lot of popular schools, we knew it can be a match. With the price guide in the mid-600s, we knew it is a steal. Yes, property needs work but it sits in a suburb that has shown 3.5% 12-month growth with median price of $755,000.

Further to that, just the land price alone, it is in the vicinity of $1100-$1200/sqm. At $688,000 purchase price, and a double-story, the potential for equity gain is huge. There were multi-offers on the table, one of them was a cash buyer. And this is the advantage of engaging a buyer's agent (if that's what you would like to call it), is that we are able to talk at "agent level" with the Selling Agent. And the trust we build between us often outweighs the direct relationship between buyer and Selling Agent.

Long story short, though Selling Agent cannot reveal the details of the other offers, Easy Buyer's Agent was able to work together with the Selling Agent to ensure our offer is strong when it is presented to the Seller. And yes...the Seller ended up choosing our Buyer's offer.


Looking to buy property in WA? You know who to call. Yes, you can always buy property alone. But if you want a stress-free dealing, and at the same time buying a great quality property, do not overlook pass us. Consultation is free and let's just chat property! 

Until the next purchase. Peace.

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