THIS BUYER'S AGENT STRIKES AGAIN...Purchase #42 by Easy Buyer's Agent. This is a purchase for a blue-chip owner occupier client of ours. Asking: LOW $1mil, Purchase: $950,000. Did we just negotiate ~$100,000 off the asking price? The jury is still undecided on that one. Nonetheless, this is a property sitting in a blue-chip suburb on a 790+sqm of land zoned R40 with 21m frontage. Read on.


Our client is an owner occupier couple looking to buy in very specific blue-chip locations. There are only certain number of suburbs they consider. Proximity to where their friends would generally commune, is very important.


Finding a property for owner occupier is always interesting. This particular client of ours has very specific requirements when it comes to the positioning of a property. No T-junction, no corner block, should not be in close proximity with main roads, it must be sitting on a flat or rising land (sloping down is a no no), the property must be modern looking with low maintenance and so on. On top of these, then there are the personal "superstitious" preferences such as the block must not be narrower at the back, the house number must not end with 4 or 14 and several other criteria. So as you can see, it gets very interesting.

This couple has been looking at so many properties and yet to find the one that matches.

When we sourced properties for them, we must do our due diligence upfront to ensure any property we presented did fulfil the criteria they set before us. Finally, we spotted this property. It sat in a blue-chip suburb within 13km from Perth CBD with median price of $835,000. And the property itself truly ticked all their "complex boxes".

What was crazy about this property was how this property was zoned R40. At 790+sqm with 21m frontage, we can create up to 3 lots. If our Buyers were to subdivide just 2 lots at ~400sqm each, based on the data we had, each can be sold for at least $550,000. Talking about potential equity gain, this property has it all. 

When we put our offer in, there were competitions (like always these days, no?). However, using strategic negotiation and contract writing approach, our Buyers were able to secure the deal albeit way lower than the asking price. And compared to the other competing offer, according to the Selling Agent, our offered price was way lower. Nonetheless, we managed to pull through and we simply couldn't contain the joy in our heart when we saw how happy our clients were when their offer was the one chosen by the Seller.


There you go. If you're looking to buy in WA, you know who to call. We find great deals like this. We have helped First Home Buyers, Owner Occupiers, Investors buying great quality property of various price range and categories in various suburbs. From $90,000 to $1mil+ property, we got them all. Let us take the stress out of you when it comes to buying property. 

Until the next purchase. Peace.