Blue Chip Owner Occupier Top School Zone

ONE MORE ONE MORE ONE MORE...Purchase #66 by Easy Buyer's Agent. This purchase was for a blue chip owner-occupier who was looking to buy in one of the top school zones in Western Australia. Purchase: $795,000. With 3 offers on the table after the first home open, our buyer managed to get ahead. Read on.

Our buyer was looking to buy to owner-occupy and she only wanted a select number of suburbs that were part of WA's top school zones.

Buying property in a rising market like today has indeed presented a huge challenge for a lot of property buyers. If you are not approaching the offer carefully, you can end up doing endless driving and home opens week after week after week. Our buyer was looking to buy only in a limited number of suburbs, all within WA top school zones. As you can imagine, the competition was stiff.

The market was still very much driven by owner occupiers. And being owner occupiers, they were all very courageous with the price offering. Therefore, picking the right number and also drafting the contract in a way that it was enticing to the seller was super important (unless you didn't care to keep losing and doing endless driving weekend after weekend).

When we saw this property, we knew this could be a good fit. When we went to the viewing, more than 10 groups (and each group could consist of 3-4 people) came to the first home open. We immediately presented our buyer with detailed report from suburb data, sales data, etc. Even though it was for owner-occupier, we wanted to ensure that our buyer didn't overpay and at the same time, giving her a good chance of getting ahead of the competition.

Long story short, our buyer was keen on the property. Equipped with real world experience of the current market, we helped our buyer picking a number and drafting a contract that was strong. We managed getting ahead albeit very close against our competitor's offer.


Looking to buy property in WA? You know who to call. Don't let the stress of property buying (especially in this market) takes your joy away. Handball it to us, we can guide you end-to-end to ensure you are fully informed and coming out being the winner. Let's chat property. Until the next purchase. Peace.