🏡💯✅✅😁 WOOHOOO..JUST PURCHASED. No 14 by Easy Buyer's Agent. $148,000 price with 7.5-8%+ hear that right. Read on⬇️

Buy-Hold 8% Yield

🏡 Brief:
Client is looking to buy #investment #property to multiply his money. His requirement is simple, that the property needs to have gross yield of 6.5%.

🏡 This property's story:
Asking price of $158,750. The owner bought this in May 2013 for $296,000. Using data after data, we managed to purchase it at $148,000. Think about this for a the height of the market, this property was worth $296,000? You're damn right. So, with the purchase of $148,000, we know our client has already found a buried treasure of at least $100,000. He can cash it in when market is rising again.

What's even more crazy is, this property can rent between $230-$250. Including purchase costs, this results in 7.5%-8%+ gross yield. Talking about positive gearing...this property should not cost a dime to hold.

Our client is putting down 20% deposit. Meaning, with 80% borrowing and 4% interest, monthly interest payment is $394.67. From the rent alone, he will be making $920-$1000/month. Yum.....

And no..this is not in mining town nor regional..this is about 26km from Perth CBD where rental vacancy rate is currently sitting at 2.3%.

🏡 Conclusion:
Are you thinking of buying property? Don't use the same old strategy in the same old familiar location. A lot of people say that there is no money to be made in current WA housing market. Don't believe them....witness for yourself the kind of deals we can find for you. Go and talk to us first...we have tons of info and strategies we can share with you.

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