Buy-Hold Subdivision Potential 6.5%+ Yield

😁💯🏡 UNSTOPPABLE..PURCHASE 15 BY EASY BUYER'S AGENT. Zoned R20/35, 692sqm, 17km from Perth CBD. Asking price $209,000. Purchased price: $185,000. Read on ⬇️

🏡 Brief:
Client is a savvy local investor. He has had more than 10 investment properties to date, and keeps looking to multiply his #portfolio.

🏡 This #property's story:
Asking price of $209,000, purchased for $185,000. There was a previous offer a month ago for $215,000 that somehow fell through. Because of it, Seller's agent was adamant that the lowest the seller would accept is if offer started with 2. However, using negotiation tactics deployed by both Easy Buyer's Agent and our buyer, and by wording our conversation carefully, we managed to purchase this at $185,000. This has surprised the seller's agent big time.

This property is located 17km from Perth CBD. Land size of 692sqm and zoned R20/35. With the house located at the front of the land, it has sufficient space to subdivide at the back and to make at least $50k profit when market is rising.

What's amazing is, until market rises, our buyer is happy to just hold onto it because this property can be #rented out for $230/week+. At $185k purchase price, this is yielding 6.46%. Refresh it with a bit of paint and flooring, this property can easily fetch close to $300/week.

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