😀✅ FIRST PURCHASE IN APRIL BY EASY BUYER'S AGENT. First Home Buyer is looking to build her first home. Asking price: FROM $270,000. Purchase price: $262,000. Next door land sold for $285,000. Read more ⬇️

A First Home Buyer is looking to build a new house. Easy Buyer's Agent is engaged to help with the purchase of the land, and providing advice around buying process, dealing with REA, negotiation and the rest.

The buyer was specifically looking in a specific suburb due to distance to her workplace. Easy Buyer's Agent provided end-to-end service and guided her all the way through to ensure she bought the property that she was looking for. We helped her with negotiation strategies, providing advice around buying process and the rest.

In the end, we managed to purchase this piece of land below market value where next door has sold for $285,000, which we managed to secure for $262,000.

✅ Are you looking to buy property? This might sound like a marketing statement. However, do really consider talking to a Buyer's Agent before your next property purchase so that you buy the GREATEST quality property your money can buy.