✅🏡💯 LUCKY 13th PURCHASE. This is overseas buyer purchase from Indonesia. Their daughter is currently studying in Perth and would like to buy a place for her. Asking $345,000, purchased for $325,000. Read on ⬇️

Overseas buyer would like to buy an owner-occupier residence for her daughter.

2x2x2 apartment closed to where the daughter is studying. Easy Buyer's Agent was engaged to negotiate the price. Asking price was $345,000. Unit next door, 2x2x1 (1 carport) sold for $325,000. This one is 2 carports, which was supposed to be $20k more expensive, yet we managed to get it also at the same price $325,000. This offer has actually astounded the seller's agent who was initially adamant that $345,000 was definitely the right price, and we wouldn't get it for less.

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