NRAS Property with Extra ~$11,000/annum Cashflow

BOOM ANOTHER ONE...Purchase #70 by Easy Buyer's Agent. This purchase was for a repeat investors who were specifically looking to buy negatively geared property near coastal area. Purchase: $357,500. This was also an approved NRAS property whereby the government will subsidise ~$11,000/annum extra cashflow. Read on.

Our clients were repeat investors who were, this time, looking for a negatively geared property.

Everyone's investment situation was different. For this clients of ours, they looked for specifically, negatively geared property that needed to be in the coastal area north of the river. It also had to be a minimum of 3x2 on 2016 built. Potential demand and future equity gain also needed to be considered.

Long story short, we spotted this property that matched their requirements. A 2016 built, already tenanted, and what's more interesting, this was an NRAS approved property, which, until 2026 they could receive around ~$11,000/annum extra cashflow. With NRAS, the property must be tenanted out at below market rate which would work well with their negative gearing strategy. 

The property was located in a suburb that has shown 8.4% growth with median price of $395,000 and vacancy rate of 0.2%.


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