Owner Occupier Below Market Purchase

FIRST DAY BACK from Easter Holiday and Easy Buyer's Agent never stops working. Our offer for the #48 purchase has been accepted. Asking: Mid $300,000. Purchase Price: $320,000 a 2x2 apartment for our owner occupier client who was specifically looking for apartments. We also negotiated with the seller to throw in a solid car park shade for our client for free. Read on.

Our client was an owner occupier who was looking to downsize. She also owned a 25kg pet dog that also needed to be considered in the application. 

Finding a property for an owner occupier was always interesting. There were only a limited number of suburbs our client would consider. And since she was looking specifically for strata properties, many things needed to be considered. One of the most important criteria for our buyer was the acceptance of her pet dog into the complex. We have been to few strata properties which pets of a certain size were not allowed. During our research phase of the property, one of the things we did for our client was the due diligence on the strata by-laws.

Then, on top of that, we had to also satisfy the other criteria our buyer put before us: located only in her preferred suburbs, property needed to be "ready to move in" and presented well ie. it should not need any renovation, finishing must be modern enough, there had to be some natural light inside the property and so on.

Finally we found this matching one: a 2x2 modern 5 year-old apartment in the suburb of her preference (only 7km from Perth CBD). The location was also superb, right in front of a park which our client could take her dog for a walk. Asking price was mid $300s. When we bought property, we didn't just buy whatever properties that were available on the market. We took the extra mile to also check on suburb profile, median price, etc. If we could also put the cherry on top of our client's cake, why not, right? We checked on few valuation sites and valuation came at $350,000-$375,000. Straight away we knew, this was a good deal. We negotiated and we got it for $320,000.

The carport for the unit did not have any shades. Using careful contract writing and negotiation, we managed to get the seller to build a shade on the carport for free ie. at seller's cost.


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Until the next purchase. Peace.