Owner-Occupier Investor 6.5% Yield and Equity Creation Opportunity

💯🏡✅😘 OOPPS I DID IT AGAIN...PURCHASE 16 BY EASY BUYER'S AGENT. Asking price: $285,000, Purchase Price: $255,000. Client signed on 28th of October. On 29th of October (1 day after), Easy Buyer's Agent presented a property that matches and ticks all the boxes. Check this out. ⬇️

🏡 Brief:
Client is looking to buy their owner-occupier house which they can value add to craft equity for their next investment purchase. They have been looking for some time and have not found an ideal one.

🏡 Property Story:
This is a 4x2 property that is already renovated and looking clean and tidy. If anything, our client will only need to do cosmetic reno. The original owner bought it for $287k in 2012. They were asking to sell for $285k in 2019. Using negotiation tactics and strategise our conversation, we managed to secure this for $255k.

Furthermore, 4x2 around the area have sold in 2019 for at least $320-$350k, and they can also rent for at least $320/week+. This means a 6.5% gross yield.

This property truly ticks all the box. Not only is the client familiar with the area, but the features and conditions of the property truly ticks all boxes. Looking at the numbers, we believe our client can easily craft equity out of this.

🏡 Conclusion:
Are you someone who is in the market of buying property but might be time poor? Or you might not know what questions to ask and the kind of analysis that need to be done to spot a deal? This might sound like a marketing statement, but if the above question resonates with you, may we suggest to get in touch with us first? We have information on 300+ suburbs around WA. Give us a call, consultation is free.

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