Regional Owner Occupier Off Market

BOOM ONE MORE...Purchase #75 by Easy Buyer's Agent. This purchase was for our buyer who resided in WA regional area who was thinking to move back to Perth with her family. Purchase: $851,000. We strike when the property became off-market due to the tenant who was in the process of moving out. Read on.

Our client resided in regional area and has been planning to move back to Perth. The market surely has been very difficult for both us and our client. We have lost few offers to date.

Finding property for owner occupiers will never be straight forward. A lot of boxes had to be ticked. Not just the location/suburb, but the finishing and quality of the property itself mattered. We have been looking for some time, and whenever we found a matching one, we had to compete with so many other buyers, which in the end we lost the offer. Look, when it came to multi-offer situation, anybody could win if they were "crazy enough" to put down "stupid" prices. However, overpaying was something that both us and our client would never want to do.

When we spotted this property, we were immediately interested. Not only did we think it ticked all of our client's boxes, but it has just recently gone "off market" because the tenant was in the process of moving out. The internal presentation has not been the greatest which has turned a lot of other buyers away. We rather smelled opportunity. We quickly encouraged our client to make the move. Having a sole audience with the seller was 100% the way to go in this market. Last thing you want was for you to compete head-to-head with other buyers. 

Long story short, our buyer's offer got accepted at $851,000. This property was sitting in a suburb with median price of $900,000.


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