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If you need a professional representation as a property buyer then this service is for you. What you would get is end-to-end service which, you as the property buyer just needs to stand behind us, and we will do everything for you: from research, negotiation, inspection, dealing with Seller and their agent, builder, etc. We want to make sure that you get the best outcome for your transaction.

Whether you are an Owner-Occupier, First Home Buyer, or Investor, you would settle on a property that completely suits your requirements. Especially if you are an Investor, then we will buy you a property that either:

  • For buy-and-hold, with current interest rate, positive cashflow property i.e the one that does not cost anything to hold, OR;
  • For buy-and-flip, a property that shows 20% Return-of-Investment (ROI) on paper.

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