Property Negotiation

Already eyeing on a particular property? Let us help you by representing you in the negotiation. Do you know that Seller's Agents are often reluctant to deal with property buyers directly? When we deal at the agent level, often Seller's Agent is 'opening up' and giving us insider information.

We have also met a lot of property buyers whom they think they bought the property at the right price, with large discounting. However, when we did our due-diligence, we found out that they have bought it too expensively.

We will look at everything, from areas within the suburbs, projected price movement, market condition, etc.

This service will allow you to buy your dream property at the right price, with the terms and conditions that benefit you as a property buyer.

Remember, you can simply low-ball it. However, you might lose out on the opportunity if seller decides not to play ball. And vice versa, if you offer too high, then you'll lose out financially. Negotiation is a strategy, an art, that needs to be played and executed well in order for you to achieve the best outcome.

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