Brand New Owner-Occupier

CHEERS TO 2021...Purchase #43 by Easy Buyer's Agent. Asking price: FROM $500,000, Purchase Price: $495,000. This is a brand new property for our owner-occupier client who is residing in Kalgoorlie. Read on.

Our client and his family is currently residing and working in Kalgoorlie. Every now and then he would go back to metro area to spend some time-off in Perth. To date, they have been renting Air-BNB and would love to own their own property.

Our client's main requirement is to buy brand new property in Perth. And he has specific location requirements whereby the property needs to be within proximity of Perth Airport and other major attractions such as Westfield Carousel. It also needs to be close enough to Perth CBD and other amenities.

When he is not in Perth, he would like to rent out the property as Air-BNB that returns positive cashflow. 

As we have been saying multiple times, finding property for owner-occupier is never an easy treat. Then not to mention all the other requirements that our Buyer has set out before us. But this is why we exist as a Buyer's Agent, that is to assist our clients with the best property purchase that ticks all their boxes.

We have been driving around and looking at various brand new properties. Most of the time, the biggest turn down for us was the quality of the finishing. Many were very basic, which we believe would not be a good fit for our owner-occupier client. Some were located in a not-so-good location, far from a lot of amenities. This will be challenging if the property needs to be rented out as Air-BNB.

Finally, we found this particular one. It was located in a very centralised suburb: 5km from Perth Airport, 7km from Westfield Carousel, 11.5km from Perth CBD, 7.5km from Optus Stadium...basically, the location was very superb. Bus stop was just a 5-minute walk from the property. Basically, in terms of location, we knew this would be a good match.

When we checked out the property, the finishing was superb. It was very luxurious: high ceiling throughout, stone bench-top throughout, spacious bedrooms with theatre, luxury bathrooms, mirrored wardrobe, ducted (heat + cool) aircon, glass window kitchen splashback, etc. Basically, the Selling Agent told us that the developer has somehow over-capitalised.

Long story short, the property, in comparison with many others we have seen, happened to be a good fit for our client. We also checked with Air-BNB agent that the property can easily fetch $170-$240/day with 80%+ occupancy rate. Based on our calculation, at $170/day with 80% occupancy, the property shall produce $15,000 annual cashflow.


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Until the next purchase. Peace.